Saturday, July 08, 2006

The neglected ones?

As church leaders, pastors, ministers, we sometimes have a tendency to neglect the saved. Sometimes a real how are doing is more important than a hello. Everyone has daily struggles...everyone. Yet we tend to be more concerned with those that do not know the Lord, That is cool, do not get me wrong, i know we need to reach the lost and there is no doubt about that. Just remember this, when Jesus was talking about the one lost sheep the other 99 were secure.


Blogger teresa said...

I think you are making a strong point here. The bible says pray one for another that you may be healed.It is very important for us to encourage one another to pray and walk out situations in our life.This glorifies JESUS and leaves a testimony for others.The lost are looking for and need something real.They are seeing to many people say they are christians but live such ungodly lfestyles.This is is confusing to them. Confusion is not from GOD!THE next time a friend calls really take time to listen encourage them with scriptures stand on the word and believe with them.I have a precius friend a christian she drank for 2 years. I was so grieved in my spirit for her the LORD just constantly had me praying for and visiting her. This was not always easy because the shapes I found her in BUT GOD would not let me give up on her and neither would he.NOW!!! she has rededicated her life to singing and giving testimony to what JESUS brought her through! ALOT of this was brought on by saying she felt lonely and disconnected.SHE no longer feels that way!! What the enemy meant for harm GOD turned to his Glory AMEN!!!!!!!

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